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Trick from our friends in Idaho

So as we launched our site we got a number of e-mails with stories of how to fend of these scavengers. One of the funniest was from a small business owner at a towing service, Tow Boise.  He was frustrated because his cell phone is always on and he needs to answer all calls, they might be an emergency, right.

Typically a biz owner can tell by the area code if the call is a solicitation. Unfortunately in his business he can’t as a number of calls are from people traveling through town. So he came up with a quick deflection, I thought was pretty clever.

So when he gets a call he always answers professionally in case its a service request. If it is sales call he’s quick to flip into “prank mode” and it goes something like this.

Sales: Hello is this Frank?

Owner: This is, how can I help you, is this a towing request?

Sales: Oh no sir, I wanted to call and talk about XYZ..

Owner: Oh well to tell you the truth this is the worst time, I’m actually taking care of a little business.

Sales: That’s exactly what I wanted to talk with you about.

Owner: I’m sorry I just cut one loose.

Sales: Ummm, a car?

Owner: No this phone is in the bathroom, you know we cant miss a call, it reroutes everywhere until we pick up.

Sales: So your in the bathroom?

Owner: Hold on, I got one breaching, ughhhhh, ahhhh, alright what were you saying?

Sales: Well I wanted to discuss how you could save blah blah blah..

Owner: Oh man its a rough day hold on… Ughhh, Alright that one passed. Whats up?

Sales: Is this not a good time? can I call you back?

Owner: ughhhhhh, wait what?

Sales: I can call you back, if this isn’t a good time.

Owner: Crap, I mean sure but not on this number, it our toilet phone.

Sales: Toilet Phone?

Owner: yeah you know in case we need to call the ambulance, what don’t you have one?

Sales: okay is there a better number?

Owner: sure its “555-555-5555” ask for Mr. Rooter.


I know it seems a little gross, but come on that’s seriously funny…. Plus he gets that number off their call list and gives them a completely random one.

Anyway, thanks for the tactic and I look forward to giving it a whirl.