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Play By Their Rules ;)

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The Classic

If you’re looking for a way to block your number from solicitations visit www.donotcall.gov and register your number.

However, before you do so, let me make a couple other Classic suggestions on how to play with these solicitations.

1) Answer with a foreign accent, and just no over and over again. If asked about your English just say no, if asked if someone else is there just say no, for every question just say no and see how long you can keep them asking 
2) Once they ask if so and so is home or if you are the owner etc.. Simply say yes and start ordering pizza. For example, I want three large pizza’s with breadsticks and soda. When they say I’m calling about xyz say yes but I want, “repeat order”.
They don’t know what to do 
3) Here’s a simple one, when they ask if this “Mr. Jones” say no but if you find that SOB you tell him to call me he walked out owing me rent for three months et.. and just go off on a rant..
4) Make so much noise they cannot hear you. When they ask you a question just repeat yourself, is this kitty? Kitty is this you? Why is it so loud Kitty? Hello Kitty? Over and over again until they disconnect.
5) The classic stall technique, of putting them on hold for 5-10 minutes which I love because it keeps them from calling someone else in the time you have them on hold. If by chance their still on the phone just ask who are holding for? Oh okay let me put you back on hold. I once had a gal sit on hold for 33 minutes, lol

These are a few of our favorites but don’t forget to let us know how you handle those calls, we would love to share the stories 🙂