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“Hello! I am xyz speaking from xyz company and want to sell this to you, it is one of the greatest inventions….” sounds familiar right!
Almost all of us have answered such calls which are irritating and are always at the most awkward times. Telephone marketing has now become an integral part of publicizing ones product. At times it’s the brand one is using which calls to promote their offers while at other times it’s a different company making the call.
Such random calls at random times are annoying and nuisance to attend. Everyone has their own way to tackle such calls. Some prefer to just bang down the call while others adhere to out of the blue replies and tactics in order to transfer their annoyance and show their frustration to the caller.
You can get yourself registered in a do not call registry, this will ensure that you do not receive such unwanted calls, though you would receive calls from charities and other such organizations in this case. 
Most of the people love to deal with them in their own manner and have the most interesting methods to share. Yelling, whispering, mumbling, cussing and repeating their words are one common method. Listening to their entire message and then negatively responding to it is also a commonly practiced method.
Asking them personal questions or making up some personal issue and asking them for advice. Telling them how lonely you were and are extremely glad for the call and conversation; along with asking to give you a call again can be tried the next time you attend such a call. Cranking jokes, keeping the phone aside, blaring songs and yelling are other common methods of irritating the telemarketers.
All of the above and many other methods are used to punish them for calling you yet it is to remember that Tele marketers don’t give you a call on their will, the numbers are selected through computers and it is a part of their job and your response is noted down. Depending on your response your call is rated and decision taken on whether to give a call again or drop the number from the list of potential clients.
In order to avoid calls there are certain polite and acknowledged ways to handle the call which can be performed these include the following:
First, never hang up on the call immediately as in this way your call will be termed as ‘not answered’ and the number will be approached again. Secondly never question or indulge in any conversation with the agent as this can be perceived as an interest terming you as a potential consumer as a result of which you can be approached again. Thirdly don’t hang up in between as they might call you back claiming that the phone hung up. Finally, don’t give them any clichéd excuse which might be termed as you will attend the call later; a straight No should be said.