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Don’t Call This” is all about helping you to handle annoying people and companies that call you without your permission.

We all go through these calls on a weekly basis, sometimes every day. And it gets annoying.

Well we designed this website to help you have some fun with these stupid telemarketing calls.

We know what you’re thinking.

“How can you have fun with annoying calls?”

It’s easy. And it’s all about your mindset and attitude.

You can either get mad and stay mad everyday at your random calls.


You can make some fun out of the annoying things that happen in your life.

Making lemons out of lemonade.

Making some comedy out of something that is crazy annoying.

It’s all about your perspective.

People have enjoyed our tactics so we decided to put it on the web for all to see.

For all to have fun with.

For all to laugh at.

We hope you enjoy “Don’t Call This” and you use some of these tactics.

If you don’t enjoy it, then go somewhere else…nicely.

Keep snooping around!