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So here’s a little bit about us.

Several years ago people were getting spammed with anonymous calls from telemarketers, publishing clearing house sweepstakes, and random pre-paid telephone calls from bail bond brokers. Well, not too sure about the bail bonds, but you catch our drift. A ton of our friends were getting bombarded weekly, some even daily, with these annoying phone calls. And they were consistent. So we asked ourselves:

Why not play by their rules?

And that’s what we started doing.

We started aggravating the ones who were aggravating us. And they ended up taking us off their little golden-boy list, and stopped the calls altogether.

But it didn’t end there.

Around our local area, people started hearing about what we started doing. And then this little “telemeter revenge system” we had in place started spreading into what we all now know as…


Yup. You guessed it. Our little group basically put an entire nation onto prank calls and such. Now listen. You might be thinking “you guys aren’t the ones that started prank calls, come on!” Well we know it’s a pretty extravagant thing to claim. But think about it.

How do you make money off of prank calls?

You don’t.

If anything, back in the day, you had to pay for minutes and it cost to make calls!

Regardless whether you believe us or not, you’re still on our website for this reason.

“Don’t Call This” is about giving you fun tools to help telemarketers not call you.

And we’ll throw a ton of prank call things you can do for fun on your great grandmother Betsy, your uncle Joe, or that ex you so hate because they dumped you the night before prom.

Here’s to good humor, lots of laughs, and a small way to enjoy those stupid marketing calls.