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A note from the other side

So in my quest to annoy phone solicitor I have been approached by the devil himself. Well maybe not the devil but a person who makes cold phone calls for a living. I told him first of he should find a new job, but he didn’t waiver.
Plus, that’s easier said than done when your family owns the business. I get advertising and spreading the word about your product or service, heck how else are people going to know about you? Well, google search I guess 
This youngster is building character and thick skin by making phone calls trying to drive business for his uncle. I think it is an invaluable skill that teaches what books or class rooms cannot. The run a very successful lawn care company and rely partially on door to door and phone solicitation to gain new clients. They are waking up and really pushing some on-line activities but a good percentage of new clients still come from cold calling.
So I asked this youngster be it through e-mail if he could see himself doing this long-term? And Why?
He responded with an absolute no, this was a summer gig and he was off to college to learn how to run a business. Further that he would never do cold calling again.
Funny thing though is most business graduates get into a sales job and in some aspect or another end up cold calling folks.
So I ask how he as a business would gain new clients, if not through solicitation?
His response was a classic millennial reply, I’ll just use web and social media.
Honestly, I love his response as that’s the way our culture has gone, toward the web. Although our web feeds are becoming just as annoying as the 6pm phone call disrupting dinner.
At least on the web you can close the ad or move on. As well on-line advertising is much more targeted so your likely to see ads that fit your needs, rather than random phone calls for credit cards or services you just don’t need.
I replied letting him know that I felt he was right on the money and on-line advertising was by far the present and future of business generation.
Honestly, I hope he graduates and creates an amazing business which brings tremendous value to the world.
But until then, lets’ give him hell, lol!
You never know who’s calling but rather than getting annoyed try and play games with them 
And make sure you register your number at www.donotcall.gov